Contract Sewing Operations

We work with a variety of manufacturers to produce and aid in the design of unique products. A textiles can be the material alternative a manufacturer is looking for. We can work with very strong or very light textiles.

This part is used for installing Cure In Place Piping(CIPP). It is very important that it is built strong, as there is a huge amount of air pressure used.
This is a transfer for a dust collection unit. There is a flap on the inside to tunnel all the dust into the desired container. A tightening buckle insures ease of operation and a tight fit, to avoid time consuming spills.
This part is designed to be used around a strong magnet, so steel was not an option. For stiffening the sides, we designed a closed pocket for a piece of plastic.  We also constructed a chute to attach to this part to move the material to it’s desired location. 
We sewed together gymnastic floor mats for a leading sports supply company.